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5 Tips For Planning Your Health And Wellness Holiday

5 Tips For Planning Your Health And Wellness Holiday

A wellness holiday offers a great opportunity to get away from the nitty-gritty of everyday routines and find solace. It’s time to get grounded, find peace, and achieve an emotional reset. No matter where you have decided to go for your wellness retreat, you’ll want to consider several things before you head out. Working through these tips will ensure you get the retreat you need and achieve the goals you desire.

Consider your “why”

It may seem obvious, but you do need to give lots of consideration to why you are going on your wellness retreat and what you hope to accomplish. It may simply be a way for you to unplug from your day-to-day responsibilities and recharge. A retreat can take many forms and maybe you’ll be practicing yoga, meditating, or getting a massage to help you unwind.  Perhaps you just want a tech detox. Spend some time thinking about your “why” for a wellness retreat. It is useful for helping you get all you want while you are there.

Make a list of things to pack

Make packing an easier task by creating a packing list. The things you’ll need for the retreat will depend on the type of wellness retreat and its location. You’ll need things like flip-flops to wear after a shower. If your wellness holiday is at a luxury spa you may want a comfortable robe and your comfy slippers. Be sure to check if there is a dress code for meals and such. Bringing along an extra-large scarf is a great idea for traveling in general. A scarf is versatile and can be used to cover up on your flight, at the beach, in religious places, and can keep you warm while meditating. If your health retreat is medically based, you’ll need to be sure to bring your medical records and all your medications.

Book Your Trip in Advance

Start planning your trip as early as you can. Booking everything in advance gives you two benefits. For one, you’ll get the best prices, and secondly, you have time to prepare your mind and body. Getting it booked early guarantees you won’t miss out on flights that are within your budget. You will also have time to get your body ready. For instance, some meditation retreats prohibit stimulants. Take this time to detox from coffee or tea. Also, you’ll have time to take some yoga classes to prepare your body for sitting in the lotus position.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Even though you are excited about your upcoming trip, it’s easy to suffer from pre-trip anxiety. Many people worry about all the what-ifs that could occur on the trip. You may worry about things like:

·       What if something happens and I don’t get to go?

·       What if I get sick while I am there?

·       What will I do if I lose my passport?

·       Will my family be able to reach me if there is an emergency?

One way to ease your mind is to make backup copies of all your documents. Take one with you and leave one with a family or friend. Be sure to include travel insurance, flight information, passport, hotel or host information, etc. Depending on how long you will be gone, you may want to have the post office hold your mail for you.

Creating a Post Health Retreat Plan

For some people, it can be difficult to return to a normal schedule after you’ve been on a wellness holiday. While away, you’ve spent time on yourself and your health. You may learn new self-care strategies, or new skincare regimens, establish new meditation practices, and maybe change for a healthier diet. One idea is to journal during the retreat, so you’ll be able to reflect on the experience once you have returned back to your daily routines.


Following these tips for planning your wellness holiday will help ensure a more pleasurable trip. They will also help you prepare for when you return home to make new adjustments to your lifestyle.