Benefits Of Going On A Wellness Retreat With Low Air Pollution

Benefits Of Going On A Wellness Retreat With Low Air Pollution

Benefits Of Going On A Wellness Retreat With Low Air Pollution

Many areas around the globe are making good attempts at improving the air we breathe. However, air pollution continues to be a health concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated the number of deaths each year due to exposure to outdoor air pollution to be about 4.2 million. Also worth noting, it that over 90% of the population around the world lives in areas where the air quality is over limits set by WHO. This is one reason air quality is a key concern for many and the reason many are seeking refuge at health and wellness retreats. They long for cleaner air with low air pollution. 


Outdoor Therapy

Wellness retreats that focus on low air pollution are beginning to thrive. They offer a getaway from fireplaces, pets, gas appliances, and traffic all of which impact air quality. Using wellness-themed rooms and raw nature are too ways to encourage the body to detox and get rid of all these pollutants. Just being outdoors, or in an area free of the normal pollutants, provides therapy and respiratory detox. Think of it as the air filter in a vehicle. It must be changed often, or the car fails to run properly. Detoxing the lungs of air pollution helps your body run more efficiently as well.  There is now scientific evidence that suggests the healing power of nature. Whether on a lakefront or on a beach, the body and mind are encouraged to detox and let go of the busy-ness. 

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing doesn’t been swimming in the forest. It’s a term that’s referring to being immersed in nature. Whether you can really get to a forest, a lake, the ocean, the mountains, or the desert,  for a wellness retreat the low air pollution is beneficial for your health. Once out in natural surroundings, your focus turns to the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. This promotes more than just physical health but is also beneficial for physiological and psychological health. Reconnecting with nature, or forest bathing is linked to an ancient Japanese healing practice called shinrin-yoku. It’s been proven scientifically to help reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. When you check into a wellness retreat and leave the cell phone unplugged – you can recharge your battery. The natural surroundings help improve your energy, your inner power, and encourage you to become centered so you can re-establish your focus. It’s time to trade the buzz of the busy city for a wellness retreat with low air pollution, places that lead right up to nature’s mountains, deserts, and rivers. You cannot replicate the kind of charm or healing found in a wellness retreat.

Why a wellness retreat with low air pollution?

High levels of air pollution can have an adverse effect on your health. A detox retreat enhances the body’s detoxification process. Think about how hard the body is always having to work to get rid of toxins. This puts the body under a lot of stress and strain. Our cultures can easily be consumed with anxiety, stress, poor diets, and negative thought patterns that negatively impact our emotional and physical health. Poor air quality adds to the dilemma leaving the body exhausted from trying to keep all systems clear and running properly. Attending a low air pollution wellness retreat can help rejuvenate the body from the inside out. The benefit is sustained energy, clear thinking, and a stronger immune system.