Digital Detox Retreat: 5 Health Benefits Of Disconnecting From Tech

Digital Detox Retreat: 5 Health Benefits Of Disconnecting From Tech

Digital Detox Retreat: 5 Health Benefits Of Disconnecting From Tech

Today, we have the world at our fingertips, quite literally. Our worlds are quickly being consumed with cyber realities. We use our phones for virtually everything from finding directions, ordering out, keeping up with the latest news, to checking the stock markets and making financial arrangements. While our handheld technology can be beneficial in many areas of our lives, it can also be detrimental for those who overdose. Many live with the pressure to stay connected constantly without checking out from time to time. There really is such a thing as social media addiction and too much online interaction has been linked to career burnout. It may be time to consider a digital, or tech detox. There are many health benefits for those who take a techno-break. Here are five of them.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Too much of anything is not good for you and it’s the same for technology. Some studies have been able to show a connection between the use of technology and higher anxiety levels. When you are anxious, dopamine is released by the body. Social media notifications and text messages are stimulating and trigger a release of dopamine. This encourages validation-seeking or pleasure-seeking behaviors. This can lead to a state of mental distress. On the other hand, using technology or digital devices as a means of escape leads to additional anxiety, and often depression. A digital detox can help reduce both feelings of anxiety and depression.

Increase Productivity

There’s no denying that technology is an asset for today’s companies. However, employees may be spending far too long on electronic devices. Many office workers waste time at work each day, to the tune of about 33%. Even though computers and the Internet are beneficial, they can take away from the essential time employees are actually doing work. Taking time away from technological devices can help improve productivity.

Build Healthier Relationships

It’s easy for a life to be spent in the cyber world. But it is also easy to focus on social connections and letting real-life relationships be pushed to the back. One estimate is that as many as 70% of families admit to using cellphones during mealtimes even when eating with friends and family. Stepping away from electronic devices can offer time to develop healthier real-life relationships and move social activity from online to offline interactions.

Improved Sleep

The body is pretty good about knowing when it’s time to sleep. When it is ready, the brain releases melatonin, a chemical to help the body relax. Looking at a screen, like a cell phone, right before bed tricks the brain into thinking it must stay awake. This prevents melatonin from being released at the right time. Without the optimal amount of melatonin, even if you do go to sleep, you won’t sleep soundly. It’s likely you will awaken for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. A digital detox can help you restore healthy sleep patterns.

Improved Physical Health

With your eyes glued to a screen of any size, you’ll likely be sitting or lying down. Obesity is a growing problem on a global level and it’s partly due to inactivity because of lifestyle changes that keep people staring at a screen. This can be bad for your neck and lower back as well as your waistline. Taking a break, doing a tech detox can help you get up and moving. Your circulation will improve, and you will be amazed at how much better just moving around more can make you feel. 


Taking a health retreat is a great time to invest in your health and do a tech detox. Get off the grid for a little while and reboot your system! Need some inspiration for taking a digital detox vacation or health retreat? Visit (website) to learn more!