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Why Bali Is The Perfect Place To Heal A Broken Heart

Why Bali Is The Perfect Place To Heal A Broken Heart

It was an interesting week this week seeing our google analytics (yes I’ve become one of those AI obsessive’s) and more so seeing what it was that people searched for when they stumbled their way on to my little platform. My heart sank a when I saw how many people had searched for reatreats to help with heart break or healing retreats after a relationship breakdown. Knowing this heartbreaking feeling all too well I wanted to focus a little on the healing center that is Bali. A place there is such intense heart energy it’s sometimes a tad overwhelming for those who are in need of its power. So I wanted to touch on that beautiful heart energy in Bali on todays blog, I hope it helps all those gorgeous wellness adventurers out there who are in need of a little TLC, big loving hugs coming to all of you from the Retreatmi Team!


Traveling for wellness is now a popular trend. This is putting pressure on hotels and resorts to find various ways for guests to explore and develop in health and wellness while they are on vacation. However, on the Island of Bali, this has been a constant feature. The culture is one of energy and many seek out heart energy in Bali and explore the area for opportunities in healing. Bali is a center for spirituality and self-discovery. People flock there to learn more about healing, meditation, yoga and consciousness ultimately looking for transformation. But why Bali? And what is it about the area that provides such a powerful energy? 

Why seek Heart Energy in Bali?

Those who have visited Bali are quick to speak of how special it is from the locals to stunning nature to their rich culture. In the body, there are chakras or energy centers to help keep us healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Animals also have chakras and so does the earth. These energy centers have electrical currents running in and out and surround the whole plant. If you could map these out, they would look somewhat like a DNA strand. The energetic lines join in two points on the planet. One is in Lake Titicaca also called the Sacral Chakra. And the other place these Ley Lines meet is in Bali. This may explain one reason behind the energy found in Bali. 

The island is an energy vortex with two Ley Lines intersecting. It’s also the one place where many find the earth’s Kundalini energy This vortex is thought to be a place or purification, cleansing and rejuvenation of the soul and the body. No wonder so many seek and receive heart energy in Bali.

What is Heart Energy? 

Heart energy is a broadband, vibrational energy that is simple, loving, giving, welcoming, and receiving. The love element so many are seeking is tied up in it so it’s an easy energy for most to grasp and understand. When you have a love-filled experience that comes from loving on any person, object, or thing you want you feel good. Peacefulness is the final result. It’s a type of energy that brings you closer to the Universe and lets you expand your being. It allows you to become whole again and brings both fire and light inside. As it expands out from your body, it allows you to approach and touch others. 

Benefits of Heart Energy

When you can open up to the Universe, it is always beneficial. It restores and rejuvenates the feelings of joy, passion, and love inside. But it also brings healing in the body. Sometimes the healing comes in an area you didn’t know needed it. You may find yourself moving at a faster pace. When the energy of the heart opens up, you will experience peace and enlightenment. The more people who experience this loving energy, the more peace and love will come to the planet.

Finding Heart Energy in Bali

The Island of Bali is often called the “Island of the Gods.” It is a tropical paradise and popular tourist destination. In Bali, you will find a wide variety of resorts that can help you find heart energy. Not only will you be on “vacation” but these wellness resorts help you relax and heal so when you return home you are healthier in your mind, body, and soul.

iWakening is just one such retreat that leads participants to awaken their heart’s potential. Over the course of 10 days, you’ll learn how to work with your heart energy field using a variety of tools. Fivelements resort is another option for achieving and learning about Heart Energy in Bali. Their therapies focus on healing with meditation include chakra balancing sessions, prana energy healing, and deep bodywork to employ the five elements which are used to heal the body. 

These are just two examples of the many resources found in Bali for those seeking heart energy. There are many resorts, healthy vacations, spas and retreats that guide the visitor to healing and heart energy by incorporating yoga, meditation, detoxification, and many other tools to help them achieve holistic healing. The goal goes beyond just seeking peace one time. Instead, it offers sustainable lifestyle changes the visitor can take home with them to make their lives better.