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Wellness Retreat Trends: Embracing Farm to Table Dining

Wellness Retreat Trends: Embracing Farm to Table Dining

The latest trends in tourism includes wellness retreats. More and more people are turning to detoxing physically and mentally and using wellness vacations and retreats to help. Dubai and other locations throughout the Middle East are quickly becoming hot tourism spots and wellness retreats are a huge part of the changes occurring throughout the region. Those seeking healthy vacations can choose between a variety of health and wellness retreats that focus on specific things like tech detox, yoga and meditation, fitness, or eating well. One of the latest trends in the wellness retreat industry includes farm to table dining.

Why Farm to Table Dining?

Eating is a critical part of our health. Wellness retreats focus on whole-body health and wellness which includes putting an emphasis on what is consumed. Farm to table is a trend which puts an emphasis on how food is produced, prepared, and stored. Dining is focused on providing fresh foods sourced from local arms and gardens. Foods are prepared fresh without being preserved or frozen and taste fresher – because they are fresh. When the food supply comes directly to the kitchen without being processed in any way, it cuts out the middle man and provides healthy meal alternatives.

Benefits of Farm to Table Dining

Using all natural ingredients for food preparation is a focus at most wellness retreats because of the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. It can be an important part of detoxifying the body’s systems and acts as a “reset” for many. Using freshly grown foods directly from the farm to prepare meals removes the need for using preservatives. Participants enjoy meals prepared using only natural ingredients rather than those mass produced. Being able to avoid packaged, prepared foods means consuming fewer calories and less salt, fat, and sugar. Instead more natural ingredients and spices are used to prepare meals.

Foods used in farm to table dining are not shipped or stored for long periods of time. When foods are shipped long distances, they are harvested long before they ripen so they will endure the journey. However, picking fresh foods long before they are ripe means they do not have the opportunity to mature fully and much of their nutritive value can be lost. Farm to table dining allows foods to fully ripen and mature before harvesting. The fully mature, nutritiously rich foods are then taken directly to the kitchen providing more wholesome and nutritious dining options.

Preparing and consuming foods when they are in season can also provide a wide range of benefits. The entire meal can be locally grown in a sustainable environment. It encourages locally operated farms to adopt and maintain sustainable practices such as organic farming and raising non-GMO crops. Dining will include foods and ingredients as they are in season, so the menu may change frequently to reflect these options. 

Farm to Table Marries Wellness Retreats

Obviously, there are health benefits related to eating farm-to-table, but what makes it such a draw at fitness and wellness retreats? The mind and body work together in a person’s journey toward health. Some wellness retreats focus on yoga and meditation and others focus on providing healthy exercises like bike riding, hiking, or other engaging and beneficial activities. Farm to table dining gives a health retreat a holistic element by providing clean, sustainable foods. Incorporating this element creates a connection between the body, mind, and soul. This connectivity can help encourage continued lifestyle changes long after the retreat has come to an end. 


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