Retreatmi Home Self Retreat Program
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Retreatmi Home Self Retreat Program

Retreatmi Home Self Retreat Program

Retreatmi Home Self Retreat Program:


Well here we are heading to week 5 isolation and in all honestly being the avid traveller I am I thought I would be struggling a little more, but being in the UK (that’s right, I’m still locked out of Dubai) I’m enjoying the English spring weather (from the back garden of course! #stayhome). But being bound to the house definitely doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in our own little home self retreat program! So here are some wellness retreat activity ideas provided by some of our gorgeous Retreatmi hosts. Happy Weekend!



Online cooking classes:


Why not impress with some new wellness cooking skills by taking an online class! Danny Spies with her Clean and Delicious channel on Youtube has a gorgeous recipe for an immune boosting Honey Bomb! 


Or! Why not go live and interactive with a class by Jesse Lane Wellness who has low cost Live online classes so you can be fully immersed in the atmosphere of a cooking class.


It really is important to eat well and keep that immunity up during this time and one of our fabulous hosts Dr Srikumar of Harivihar Retreat in India has given us this amazing Ayurvedic health drink to keep those nasty bugs at bay.


For one litre of the drink you’ll need:


2 tbl Coriander seed

1 tsp Dry Ginger

½ tsp Black Pepper

1 tsp Crushed Cinnamon

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

10 Basil/ Mint or Thyme leaves

1 ½ Litres Water



Online Training:


Well of course we have so many selections for wellness online now, our Personal Trainers will never again let us have the excuse that we are away on business! And that’s great! Travel and wellness after all is our Business! Which is why we have now introduced online training booking.


Try an interactive 1:1 Pilates on the Mat or Reformer (if you have your own home equipment) with Retreatmi host Stacey Sharp.

or Kundalini Yoga Meditation with Hayley Cutler. Catch Hayley tonight for her online Kundalini practise and you can find them under services section on the Retreatmi Platform. 


And of course the delightful Joe Wicks who has brought his daily PE classes to not even just the nation but the world! Free every day 9am UK time so be sure to tune in on his Youtube channel.


If you’re watching those pennies and want some super quality classes Kosta of one of our fabulous resorts Vikasa is also offering a free yoga class.


Home beauty:


Why not treat yourself to a Superfood Marine Clay Mask, 100% Vegan, detoxing, pore reducing and deep cleansing and moisturising. Available now on Amazon.


That deep relaxing bath you’ve been trying to take for the longest time! Well now is the time! And why not treat yourself to some super plush Epsom bath salts bath salts mixed with some Veriditas Immunity Boosting Essential Oils:


Immune-Boosting Bath Salts

2 cups Epsom salt.

20-25 drops Veriditas Immunity Boost essential oil.



Enjoy that you time!


Stay safe, Stay Happy

XX The Retreatmi Team XX