How Tropical Retreats and Holiday Travels Changed My Life
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How Tropical Retreats and Holiday Travels Changed My Life

How Tropical Retreats and Holiday Travels Changed My Life

How Tropical Retreats and Holidays Changed My Life:


I’ll never forget the first time I boarded a plane by myself, I was 21 and just graduated from my Nutrition Degree at Uni in Manchester UK, so young now I look back at 21 year olds! But what can I say the excitement of tropical retreats and mystical lands had been my dream since I was in school! I think I must have been an avid adventurer in a previous life as I feel like I’ve had this travel itch for as long as I can remember!


 Typical of myself I didn’t start with a short run across to Paris, no I had big dreams! And the wild outdoors of Austraila beckoned.


I remember being petrified getting on such a long flight alone, if only I could have spoken to future me!...... I’d have laughed! Future me would have said “hey you’ll be doing this trip from Dubai to San Paolo for 24 hours in two years time!” 


And so I landed in the land down under where I did the most incredible outback journey from Adelaide up to Uluru, camping out in the wild in swags, gazing up at the stars, trekking canyons and visiting Opal mines. I of course being the young backpacker I was did the east coast route and embarked on some of the amazing sailing trips that area has to offer! I actually spent my 22nd birthday immersed in the rainforest, absolutely no phone signal (yes there were mobiles back then) and surrounded by nature! To date one of my most memorable birthdays! I long for these digital free zones when taking time off now…… of my Retreatmi missions!


On one Canoeing trip in Byron Bay we even accidentally came across Humpback Whales, I remember at the time being completely petrified…….I WAS IN A TINY CANOE!! But sitting watching those amazing beasts not even 100m from me, completely vulnerable to their size was just beautiful, yes I was scared but my was it exhilarating and a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life. I feel truly blessed to have gazed upon such a sight.


My first trip alone was a huge learning curve, not only did it increase my self confidence, standing on my own two feet and getting to know people from all different walks of life, I learnt how to communicate better, to start conversations with people I didn’t know, to be sensitive to different cultures. Travelling alone really was an education and a liberation.


I learnt so much on this trip and from a Uni going child I became a young adult, able to think on my feet and quickly create rapport which I found because fundamental tools when moving into a work environment. Also just being able to listen and understand and not assume we all think the same on a worldly basis.


If you are considering taking a solo trip I highly recommend, yes its scary! But bravcery is only ever born from fear and I promise you! You will meet amazing people! You will have amazing experiences! And you will learn things about yourself and others that you will have with you for the rest of your life!