How To Promote Your Wellness Business on Retreatmi Builder
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How To Promote Your Wellness Business on Retreatmi Builder?

How To Promote Your Wellness Business on Retreatmi Builder?

We are all experiencing difficult times whether you are a trainer, catering business, transport, property or wellness retreat owner. We health and wellness businesses have to make our contingencies going forward, so I write this blog today as some food for thought in regard to diversifying your market and opening up your supply chain. 

This focus is on building a community around your business and connecting with other local businesses to give each other a helping hand.

I have long been a believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket, that a little coming from a lot is better than a lot coming from a little. 

The Retreami builder focuses on these key aspects to linking with other local businesses within your area with ease of management and marketing. Using the retreat builder will give you a low-cost marketing tool to link you, not only with other businesses in your area but also the wellness travel trade. Adding this transient trade into your audience could be highly valuable and profitable and just adds in another revenue stream. It’s flexible and can fit around those regular clients and can be a season option to add in around your peak seasons. 


It’s completely free to list any services you offer through the Retreatmi builder. You set your travel distance or service circumference, create your own packages pricing etc. and tell our guests a little about you. They can contact you to ask any questions they might have or specific needs, which is what really makes Retreatmi the most customisable and affordable wellness option on the market not only to you the vendor, but by minimising our fees to you we hope you can reflect this to the guest also.

You have payment security through Retreatmi and a large marketing reach all in just a few easy clicks.


You can advertise any service you offer within the wellness sector including any activities, guiding services and instructing, spa services within the guest location or if you offer a spa day within the vicinity of their accommodation, catering and transport. 


Retreatmi is not only customisable to the customer but to you the vendor also, your dashboard is fully accessible to you 24/7 to log in and add, change, update your packages and pricing as you need to. Our friendly online chat is there to help and support you.


We hope to have you listing on Retreatmi soon! And start helping our guest’s custom build the wellness getaways of their choice.