Activities To Do Around Snowdonia - Perfect for Adventure Seekers
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Activities To Do Around Snowdonia - Perfect for Adventure Seekers

Activities To Do Around Snowdonia - Perfect for Adventure Seekers

There are plenty of places to explore and things to do in North Wales, but today we’re particularly looking at Snowdonia. Snowdonia is one of the most visited areas in North Wales. This place is a great catch whether you’re looking for some outdoor and wellness activities or you just want to relax and recharge. I bet its impressive mountain range, breathtaking landscapes, scenic waterfalls and beaches are very hard to resist.

Snowdonia is not known as the outdoor adventure capital of North Wales for nothing. If you are planning for some adventures, we’ve listed down some of the best things to do in Snowdonia to get that adrenaline rush pumping.

  1. Try the ultimate 36-hour non-stop adrenaline experience.

    Who would have thought we can squeeze the best whirlwind adrenaline tour of North Wales in just 36 hours?

    This is perfect for thrill-seeking couples, or a group of friends or family with 2-4 members. Guaranteed hassle-free activities, as we already planned everything for you! Need not to worry about your meals, refreshments, guides and transport. Get ready to try epic ziplining and coasteering, as well as extreme river sports and limestone cliffs. Plus, experience a truly unique night of hiking and camping.

  2. Take an Autumn Trail Running Camp.

    Traveling this season and looking for some fitness and wellness activity?

    The Autumn Trail Running Camp is the best activity for you to maintain your fitness and to improve your form. You’ll be guided by an expert coach to work on your strength, flexibility and techniques. You’ll not only get even stronger from this camp, you’ll also get to relax on a beautiful glamping site with fresh, delicious and healthy meals prepared for you.

  3. Experience an epic hiking adventure.
    Ready to reach the highest and toughest peak in Snowdonia National Park?

    The 14 Peaks is perfect for active hikers, solo travellers, couples or friends who are up for an epic hiking challenge. This adventure will be accompanied by professional, local mountaineering guides to ensure safety while experiencing the best mountain hiking and scrambling in North Wales.

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