Top 5 Wellness Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Top 5 Wellness Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Top 5 Wellness Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

2020 was a tough year for many industries.  With a difficult year fading into time’s rear view mirror, and travel resuming after the pandemic, wellness tourism is one sector expected to expand and be in greater demand. There is no doubt the pandemic has changed the way people travel. But as a sense of normalcy returns people are choosing longer health and fitness wellness retreats. There are many trends to keep an eye on as we move slowly and cautiously into 2021, but here are the top five wellness trends to watch.

1.     Healthy Vacations while Working Remotely. 

There are lots of ongoing restrictions and a push to continue observing safe social distancing. That means a lot of people started working remotely. For those who transition to working remotely, it’s just as easy to work from a picturesque affordable wellness retreat location. While some retreat locations’ design encourages and supports a tech detox, there are also many sites that provide Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes it easy for travelers to work while on vacation. Remote work schedules are flexible and are easily facilitated around health and fitness programs. RetreatMi offers a large range of properties, some with long stay discounts ideal for remote working, hit the chat button to the bottom right to find out more!

2.     Immunity Boosting Wellness Retreats

While the vaccine is still being rolled out, boosting immunity continues to be a primary concern. Many affordable wellness retreats are geared toward boosting immunity so the body can fight off viruses and pathogens effectively. Many health-based retreats continue to promote seclusion from others. These types of programs may address various issues to help build the body’s immunity naturally. Weight loss programs, sunny climates, specialized treatments, fitness classes, yoga, and meditation often aid the body’s natural defenses boosting its ability to fight off illnesses. 

3.     Active Trips for Multi-Generational Families

As lockdown continued through last year, families were forced apart. Multi-generational active trips will be one of the popular wellness trends as families are eager to reconnect with loved ones they’ve been separated from. Families that have explored healthy activities during lockdown will want to continue them and share them across the generations. Multi-generational wellness retreats centered on healthy activities like hiking, walking, running, or cycling are expected to increase in 2021. 

4.     Bucket List Wellness Adventures

Many travelers are ready to get rid of the unhealthy habits acquired during the lockdown. This year, the wellness trends include those bucket list activities and once-in-a-lifetime wellness trips. Many people desire to travel across Southeastern Asia. The region’s incredible climate and breathtaking beauty have drawn travelers for decades and for many, this will be the year for their bucket list trip. Bali and Thailand provide several affordable wellness retreats complete with spas, pristine beaches, and fitness facilities.  These wellness retreats are ideal for travelers anxious to get rid of the health problems suffered during lockdown.

5.     Physical Fitness and Personal Health Retreats

Being conscious of health issues during the pandemic is pushing more travel focused on improving mental and physical health. The health concerns in 2020 have had a definite impact on well-being. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system and avoid the most severe symptoms of Covid-19 and other illnesses. With more people looking for socially distanced ways to improve their overall health, wellness retreats and healthy holidays will be in greater demand.


These are some of the top trend in wellness tourism to watch for in 2021. What about you? Are you ready to plan your get away to build your immunity, become more centered, or detox? Retreatmi provides numerous affordable wellness retreat options. Contact us and let us help you benefit from a healthy vacation.