5 Great Health Benefits Of Going On A Weekend Adventure Travel

5 Great Health Benefits Of Going On A Weekend Adventure Travel

5 Great Health Benefits Of Going On A Weekend Adventure Travel

Most people try to plan some type of getaway at least once each year. Others may take two or more yearly holidays. Getting away from daily tasks and routines affects your overall physical and mental health. When it comes to vacation types, though, there is a wide difference. The trends are leaning more and more toward healthy retreats and many of them focus on yoga, technology detox, or meditation. But lately, weekend adventure holidays have moved to the forefront. These types of getaways still offer healthy benefits but in a dramatically different way. Of course, you will return home rested and refreshed. But getting outside, moving out of your comfort zone, and engaging in positive and healthy activities can provide other long-lasting rewards both physically and mentally. Let’s take a look at the seven great benefits you can experience when you take weekend adventure holidays.

Benefit 1: It Feels Good to Move!

Life can be extremely busy. So busy, in fact, physical activity is the last thing we think about making time for. The effects on your health can be dramatic. Sedentary lifestyles contribute to heart disease, weight gain, insomnia, and autoimmune diseases. Just traveling can provide many physical and mental benefits. Kayaking, hiking, or strolling along a beach help get you moving toward lasting change. Continued activity will help you feel better overall. One recent study found that adventure travel can help grow the hippocampus which reduces the risk of dementia and memory loss.

Benefit 2: Get a Mental Boost

Getting out as well as exercising physically boosts your energy and metabolism. Weekend adventure holidays also boost your mental power. Trekking across one of the world’s great wilderness areas, discovering a long-lost cave, or taking a cycling tour of a new region affects your outlook on life. It gives you the time you need to pause and reflect. When you get a fresh and active view of the world, the everyday world feels insignificant. New ideas, cultures, and situations reboot your brain in new ways. Fresh air gives you new energy. Your brain needs that energy since it uses about 20% of the body’s oxygen. Research indicates that just spending time in nature improves your attention and focus.

Benefit 3: Stronger Immune System

Being outdoors improves your sense of self and others, traveling improves your immune system. A study conducted in Japan discovered that taking a one-day trip to an outdoor, nature park or area boosts the body’s immune activity for a week. In a later study, researchers found that short, leisurely trips to wilderness areas gave the immune system a boost for over 30 days. 

Benefit 4: Improves Your Mood

Even simple travel helps make you happy, and when you are happy, your body reduces your cortisol levels. This stress hormone is 23% lower in people who are happy and content. Weekend adventure holidays help you be more relaxed and help reduce stress and tension. Seeing new sights, having new experiences, and having thoughts change your perspective and boost your mood.

Benefit 5: Improved Sleep Quality

It’s well known that plenty of exercise and fresh air helps you sleep better. Sleep is essential for your mental and physical health. Taking weekend adventure holidays provides plenty of activities to keep you busy and moving. Choose your activity from biking to hiking and backpacking to sailing. Moving along trails, boating, or kayaking provides plenty of activity to encourage better sleep.


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