Tips On How To Get Started On Flexible Yoga Teaching Jobs

Tips On How To Get Started On Flexible Yoga Teaching Jobs

Tips On How To Get Started On Flexible Yoga Teaching Jobs

Yoga is among the many activities to help physical and mental state. Some made it a part of their lifestyle, while others dedicated the same amount of passion for yoga to teaching others. Yoga teaching is often viewed as 'living the dream' because people do what they love every day and get paid to do it. Others are even lucky enough to travel into different paradise locations while teaching. 

If you're someone who has a passion for yoga, meditation, and Pilates teaching but is lost on where and how you can get started with your yoga instructor’s dreams, then we can help you!


Yoga Teaching As A Vocation 


The growing interest in this career choice has continuously increased over the years. As a result, more than 15,000 people are choosing the path of becoming yoga teachers each year. 


One interesting thing about this job, aside from the fact that this doesn't even feel like a job, especially when you love yoga, is its versatility. It's easy to put up a studio or do it virtually at home or even travel to places to teach yoga. 

Here are a few tips for finding a flexible yoga teaching job abroad to get you closer to your dreams!

1. Become A Retreatmi Yoga Instructor Host

If you are looking for a dynamic way of marketing various aspects of your business to a group of individuals that shares the same passion and interest for wellness, becoming a host with Retreatmi can help you. Retreatmi is an all-in-one platform that allows you to build and list different services to generate further revenue from multiple streams.

Becoming a Retreatmi host is a great avenue for qualified yoga teachers to further nurture their careers all while keeping flexibility and growth in any location around the world. You can sign up as a Retreatmi host in three simple steps and start creating your free listings. 1. Create a profile 2. Complete the details about yourself and your experience 3. Send your details to our team who will create your bespoke listing 

You can then access all your bookings and use our online tool to manage your business.

Now, looking for places to begin your wellness activities as a yoga teacher in these places may be quite challenging, and Retreatmi is here to make it easier for you! With our offers of competitive rates and 5% commission to independent businesses, becoming a host sounds like a good plan. Satisfy your wanderlust and desire to teach yoga, sign up with Retreatmi today.

2. Find your niche

Yoga teaching is becoming an industry that's growing more saturated every day. It could lead to encountering challenges, so finding your niche as a yoga teacher is a key to making things easier. Whether you like teaching for kids or the elderly or interacting with bilingual people, find the unique set of communities you can fit yourself in.

3. Build an online presence

The internet can be anyone's best friend since we are now living in a technologically advanced era. If you are deciding to pursue a career on your own or depend on an employer, you can take advantage of gaining an impressive online presence to help you out. You can achieve this through the help of various social media platforms as well as having a website.

4. Try teaching or assisting classes for a hotel/hostel and retreats.

It is common for most hotels or hostels to offer yoga classes for their guests. Doing this can help build your yoga teaching portfolio, reach a variety of audiences, and earn. You can also build a good network with retreat leaders and other yoga teachers. 

Best Locations to Teach Yoga

While you can do yoga teaching almost anywhere, some places stand out a little more than the rest. Here are some places where you can spend your yoga teaching career:

  • Bali – hailed as the world's yoga capital, the Indonesian island offers a rich experience for teachers and learners. If you're looking into going straight to a community where yoga is openly practiced and accepted, you wouldn't have a hard time starting in this place. There are many properties you can rent to start your teaching journey.

  • Australia – the land down under has many yoga enthusiasts eager to meditate, learn, and live through yoga. You can set up a place in studios or properties situated along beaches, making practicing and teaching yoga even more calming. There's nothing more peaceful than being by the beach, hearing the ocean waves, and achieving that sense of calmness through the help of yoga.

  • Thailand – a country with an overflowing culture; Thailand offers many retreat places to build your yoga teaching career. Hotels and properties in its different islands have existing yoga retreats and yoga classes that you can participate in to develop your career path.

  • Portugal – although the country is mostly known to surfers and wine-lovers, there has been a growing number of spiritually inclined crowds and communities where you can dedicate your time to teaching yoga. Set up your yoga studio or do classes through retreats in different areas on the Atlantic coast or further inland for a more serene environment.