Benefits of a Wellness Retreat in Nature

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat in Nature

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat in Nature

It’s a given that our environments influence our stress levels negatively or positively. Our stress levels impact our bodies. In any given moment, what you see, hear, or experience can change your mood. These elements also affect how your endocrine, immune, and nervous systems work. Unpleasant environments can lead to feelings of anxiousness, sadness, or helplessness. When you experience these emotions and feelings, your heart rate and blood pressure can go up in response. Your muscles get tight, and your immune system becomes suppressed. However, a pleasant environment reverses these effects. Nature provides a pleasant environment no matter what your culture or age.

Healing Benefits of a Wellness Retreat in a Natural Setting

When you book your wellness retreat in the middle of a natural setting, you may simply want a break from digital media. Maybe you want to get away from the demands of everyday life. Planning a wellness retreat in nature can offer a variety of health benefits.

Nature’s Healing Influence

Just spending time in nature helps to reduce anger, stress, and fear. It also increases pleasant feelings. Nature benefits you emotionally while contributing to your overall wellbeing by helping reduce blood pressure, muscle tension, and heart rate. Some research studies have indicated something as simple as having a plant in your room impacts stress and anxiety levels.

Restoring Power of Nature

After many studies, is has been concluded that nature has a positive impact on your emotional state. Spending time outdoors and in nature helps alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety. You become calmer and well-balanced. Imagine practicing yoga or meditation in a natural space. It helps clear your mind and recharge your soul. Nature helps you connect to the moment and become more mindful.

Mood-Boosting Power of Nature

Just being outdoors is sometimes enough to make you smile. When exposed to sunlight, your body’s response is to generate vitamin D. This has been shown to boost moods and calm the nervous system. Just sitting outside in nature is thought to be restorative psychologically. Walking in nature provides more of a mental and physical boost.

Does the Lack of Exposure to Nature Have a Negative Effect?

There are many in the scientific community who now believe living near green spaces and nature directly improves one’s health. Naturae helps us cope better with stressors. As nature reduces chronic stress, it offers better overall health. Recent research indicates that trees have phytoncides or invisible chemicals that help lower anxiety, improve blood pressure, boost immunity, and reduce stress hormones. Vitamin D helps stabilise melatonin levels which are often offset by spending too much time in front of a screen. Spending too much time inside away from nature can produce counter effects and lead to depression, anxiety, and a host of health-related problems.

Why Book a Wellness Retreat in Nature?

This is a purely individual decision. But, if you are ready to unwind, disconnect from a busy lifestyle and technology over-use, improve your mental and physical health by boosting your overall well-being, connect with nature.  Find a wellness retreat that includes things you enjoy doing in nature. Perhaps your choice would be yoga sessions on the beach. For someone else, a long hike in the woods will be invigorating.

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