Maryam Ananda
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Hi, I’m Maryam Ananda

Just like many of us, Maryam entered the workforce in a corporate role and spent over 9 years in CSR & Sponsorship. At age 27, she decided to take a leap of faith and gave her resignation in order to find more alignment between her career and her true passions; sports and psychology. During her transition into her new endeavours, Maryam had the opportunity to travel to many different countries and she attended dozens of trainings and workshops. To date, her list of achievements includes becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a certified Biodynamic Rebalancing Bodyworker, a Theta Healer and a Master Life Coach. With her unique approach, Maryam creates a safe space for growth and transformation to create a deeper connection with self and others.

Basic details

1. How long have you been practicing, studying or teaching the activity that you’ll be hosting?
    1 – 4 years

2. Do you have formal education, certificates, or awards relevant to the activity you’ll be hosting?
    Yes View

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