Lenka Lorien
Name : Lenka Lorien
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Hi, I’m Lenka Lorien

Hello I am Lenka and I am trained as a craniosacral therapist and I am here to give you some amazing experience how to connect deeply with yourself during our session. Having craniosacral session (CS) is one way how to calm down your nervous system from the previous stress and fully gain your energy back I trained in London and now I have been professionally working over 8 years with people of all ages and I love to help them to restore the health and energy in their bodies during the treatments. I am also working with mothers and babies and difficult birth. I also qualified in a thai massage and in deep tissue massage and in somatic experiencing training which will allow me to guide people through a traumatic event in their life. I am very grateful for this opportunity to help people and when we can achieve health and happiness.

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    5+ years

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