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8-Days Healing Retreat & Travel Jordan


This journey will bring profound healing. We will work with techniques of spiritual healing such as Angel-Reiki, Angel meditations, past life regression, Rebirth Breathwork and sound healing journeys. We are guests of a Bedouin tribe. The Bedouins will accompany us on this journey and we will spend 1 night under the stars in Petra. The Bedouins will prepare their famous tea and Bedouin food for us. Jordan is one of the most exciting countries on earth. Here lies the cradle of the Jewish and Christian religion. In Wadi Rum we will ride on camels and explore the desert by 4x4. At the Dead Sea the scrolls of the Essenes and Mary Magdalene were discovered. We will explore this profound spiritual knowledge on our healing journeys. We will meditate at sacred places and listen to the wind, the sand and the rocks. We will combine the wisdom of the local bedouins and the muslim culture. During the day we will have the opportunity to explore the country better by trekking.

Meditation, Healing Ritual, Cultural Experience
  • Vegetarian
  • Halal
  • Local Cuisine
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  • Spa service (additional fee)
  • Cooking Class (included)
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Do you know those typical bus trips where you can explore a whole country in one week? That's not our style of travel! We focus on the nature - the beautiful landscapes around the Dead Sea, Petra, Dana and Wadi Rum. We integrate spiritual teachings as Angel-Reiki, Meditation and Past Life Regression Therapy. Our spiritual techniques are non-denominational and serve for healing on the mental and spiritual level. No matter on which level you are in spiritual terms, you will be guided by the spiritual world. The journey is therefore suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners or healers who want to recharge their batteries and want to continue on their path. Jordan opens the door to a higher dimension. We tailored a unique retreat journey. our dream is to combine spirituality & travel. Jordan is a special country with an extraordinary history... The idea of founding the Soul Tribe Travel Agency has developed over the past few years and has indeed become a life dream during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Never before has traveling been more valuable and never before have people become more aware of how free and safe they live. Our agency is based in Jordan and Germany. So we come from different countries and different cultures. Our local team belongs to the Bedouin tribes of Petra. Raja & Salem are brothers and dream of building a life for themselves. For the young Bedouins it has become very difficult in Petra. Some of their older relatives have grown up in the caves inside Petra. When Petra became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, the life of the Bedouins changed abruptly. Most families were settled in a village above Petra. For years now, there have been new proposals to distribute the families to different areas. Many young Bedouins do not have a solid school education and live from tourism. Laura is a journalist and has previously presented a travel format on television.


We serve typical jordanian or middle east food, which means bread & rice, humus, falaffel, salats, chicken and meat. Delixcious bedouin tea and dessert. We can prepare vegetarian food.


Explore this magical country in an unexpected way. We created a mobile retreat and combine it with trekking in the nature. We will meet the Bedouins of Jordan. During our trip we will stop at sacred places meditate and practice alternative healing techniques. Our bedouin Team will cook for you and make a warm fire to prepare their famous bedouin tea. You will go on a healing journey.

Cancellation policy

25% non refundable chargeable from 14 days prior to arrival.

Due to COVID-19 we guarantee a 100% cancellation policy. Since the situation can change at any time and this varies from country to country, please inform yourself in detail before your trip at - the airline with which you have booked your flight Soul Tribe Travel requires an individually concluded international health insurance as well as a travel cancellation insurance on the part of the travel participants Check with your international health insurance, travel cancellation, and other providers for comprehensive COVID-19 coverage - please study our general terms and conditions in this regard We will keep ourselves constantly up to date and inform you about the current situation before the start of the trip. Most hotels and companies have introduced flexible reimbursement due to COVID-19, but we can only take you on our trips if you are fully insured. Our team will take care of you 24/7 during your stay. We take all hygienic standards into account and have also adapted some cultural specifics to the new measures. Please make sure that you have sufficient mouth-nose-masks and gloves with you, which are mandatory in Jordan when entering buildings. We are almost only in the wild and will keep the risk to a minimum. Cancellation due to CORONA/COVID-19 will only be accepted by Soul Tribe Travel agency if there is an appropriate travel warning in the country of travel or an illness - this must be proven.

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Laura is a german TV Journalist and presenter and loves to travel the world. She is the founder of Soul Tribe Travel. Laura is also a Angel Healer, Reiki Teacher, Past Life Regression Coach and Meditation Teacher. She will introduce you to her bedouin family in Petra and their customs and traditions.