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Men's Emotional Leadership Training (MELT) - November 26 - 28th


In the modern world, a lot of us men have lost our connections, our sense of belonging. More and more research into psychology shows that one of our deepest needs for survival is connections; true, meaningful connections. The ANYMAN Movement has been created to give men back this connection, a return to the days of brotherhoods when men worked and shared together. This intensive weekend has been created for men to deep dive into the ANYMAN process and embark on a self-discovery journey. Learn a powerful method to share, be held accountable, show vulnerability, be supported, unlock our masculine gifts, and rise towards a more holistic version of Masculinity.

Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Detox, Healing Ritual, Bootcamp, Yoga - Kundalini, Walking Trails, Life Coaching, Mindfulness
  • Vegetarian
  • Dietary requirements catered for by request
Skill Level
  • Intermediate
  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Essentials (towels & linen)
  • Closet/drawers
  • Heat
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchen
  • Parking space
  • Studio space
  • Dining area
  • In house catering (included)

❑Get in touch with your physiological and emotional triggers and learn how to minimize the ruminations and stories we tell ourselves; ❑Get comfortable in communicating your emotional state with another person; ❑Learn how to listen, really listen, to another person without expressing judgment, advice or control; ❑Identify the places in our relationships where there are truths that are ignored and not spoken about; ❑Take time to take a real look at our existence and where we are not being honest with ourselves; ❑Develop a healthy relationship with your anger and learn when to engage and manage it; ❑Learn how to lovingly give and receive direct feedback to foster greater trust within our relationships; ❑Discover how to express what you really feel and want, especially around those things that you don’t speak about; ❑Develop real and achievable goals to live the life that you really want; ❑Experience a powerful form of yoga, breathwork and meditation. Kundalini yoga is a yoga of deep awareness and transformation. The practice helps you build your nervous system to handle and integrate the powerful life force energy inherent to your body.


All meals - event is vegetarian only (Need to eat meat? Let us know and we can discuss...◦ this is an alcohol and drug free event)


◦ The workshop is held on a remote farm at Shawka in RAK. ◦ Basic accommodation, shared rooms (2 single beds per room), each room with its own bathroom. ◦ The hobby farm sits on a hectare (or 2). You can walk around the walled farm and connect with the rabbits, goats, deer and ostrich! ◦ Nestled at the foot of craggy hills, the location is private, and is great for walks in the early morning to watch the sun rise and to find a hidden canyon to release years of pent up anger!

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Ask Walid

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Michael Leonard Having lived in Dubai for 13 years, for a long time I struggled with my own identity, really working out who I am and why I exist. In Dubai I found it hard to find my tribe. I experienced a lot of anger and at times found myself behaving in a way that I didn’t like. I am not proud of this and at times I felt embarrassed, shameful and sad. I have failed, picked myself up, and have learnt and grown as a man and am now in a really cool place. I know who I am, my purpose, my place, my legacy and my value to the world. I love helping men find their place in the world. I am an accredited coach, men’s mental well-being therapist, NLP practitioner, and a whole bunch of other stuff that helps me do what I do! I love my dogs, my motorbikes and my partner (perhaps not in that order!)


Jonathon Burgess It’s taken me the majority of my life to work out my purpose and place in the world.  Having grown up in turmoil and no sense of direction, I’ve made more mistakes then I’d care to count.  But through all this I continued to grow and develop with the support of a strong man who helped me to find my place in the world and how to move forward into the future rather than remain in the past.  Now knowing who I am and knowing the power that comes from being supported by a group of like-minded men and learning not to “accept how things” are, but instead “change how things are.” I love bringing the power of ANYMAN to men everywhere. 

Walid Faza
Experience: 5+ years

Walid Faza The multi-faceted life I live today encompasses a variety of interests that my journey of self-discovery has gifted me. As a partner at a global venture capital fund with 20 years of experience, I am a mentor, advisor and board member of several regional companies.  Earlier in my varied career, I established my own immigration consultancy firm, played in a rock band and founded a non-for-profit organization.  I found my own unique path while navigating culture, societal expectations, wars, fatherhood, divorces, relocations and career changes. Now, I work to empower myself and other men to be more conscious of our emotions to stand up with purpose and speak our truth. I’m a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Theta Healing - Basic DNA practitioner and love music and exploring the work of David Deida, anything yoga, dance or sexual kung-fu related! 

Saif Al-Bitar
Experience: 5+ years

Saif Al Bitar I was born and raised in the UAE. I struggled most of my life to look inwards and find my authentic self. Instead, I would try to escape or numb my feelings. This led to a lack of self-love, anger, and resentment. I played the victim in my life. After hitting rock bottom a few times, I found the strength to start a journey of self-discovery that gave me the gift of connection with myself and the world around me.  Helping other men who feel like they are not heard nor seen has become one of my greatest passions. ANYMAN is a powerful experience that fosters connection and empathy. That is the gift I would like to give other men