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Dec 24-28: The Big Blue | Christmas in Maldives

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Ever dreamt of spending Christmas on a tropical island? This year it seems much easier than going back home! Lets indulge in crystal clear waters and sing some carols on a boat, taking us to one of the most beautiful corners of the world. We have made some arrangements, so expect Santa joining us too! Relax... Cool your face with moist, scented towel. Look over the blue lagoon, take a deep breathe of breeze rustling through the palm trees. Lost he shoes, wriggle your toes in the white sand. Stroll on the powder soft beach in the warmth of the sun and dip into crystal clear water. Welcome to Maldives! One of the smallest countries and definitely lowest lying country in the world, holds on to many curiosities. With its highest point at 2.4 mtrs, sadly is expected to disappear by the end of the century, if sea levels continue to rise. 26 coral atolls comprise of some 1200 islets totalling 300 square kms, making the country smaller than Andorra. Capitol Male is unique on its own with high rise buildings rubbing the shoulders with narrow streets, alleys and old bazaars. Geo morphology of Maldivian islands is unusual. An atoll is a coral formation surrounding the circular lagoon, but many of large ones are dotted with other, smaller ring shaped reefs, each surrounding its own sandy lagoon. Those are known as "faros" or "eye of Maldives". Natural channels, allowing free movement between lagoons and open seas cut through each reef, creating a kaleidoscope of of dazzling coral gardens with all of usual suspects - from multi colored fish to all kind of rays, sharks, turtles, endless count of marine creatures.

Snorkeling , Swimming, Shark Interaction, Watersports, Marine Wildlife
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Maldives beaches, although limited on vegetation with mainly palms and mangroves, are famous for one spectacular feature - they really look like on the photos! Almost anywhere in the country has amazingly white beaches, lapped by cobalt blue water and shade of coconut palms. If sun, sand and the sea are your idea of bliss, Maldives will be your dream delight!


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