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Harivihar is a 170 year old heritage house with facilities for authentic ayurveda and yoga treatments.Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of traditional Indian medicine which is probably the most holistic form of medical treatments in the planet.Ayurveda believes in the tridosha theory of vata ,pitta and kapha.the imbalance of which lead to disease states. Obesity ,is one of the most common causes of malnutrition in the developed world .The twenty one nights ayurveda yoga weight loss retreat at Harivihar is focused on giving the guest the experience of ayurveda and yoga rejuvenation for the mind ,body and soul.This retreat can be availed of by anyone with excess weight who is desirous of losing weight. . This retreat which has been designed only for our inhouse guests, includes daily therapeutic yoga and meditation sessions with Gopalji ,our yoga teacher from the Sivananda yoga school ,detailed ayurveda medical consultations daily with our ayurveda physicians,daily ayurveda treatments of approximately 90 minutes duration, discussions on ayurveda cuisine and programmes in house and special diet to address the weight loss . The sample daily routine (dinacharya )for a guest who is on this package shall be as follows. 6.30 a.m wake up 7.00 .m yoga and meditation session 8.30 a.m breakfast 9.30a.m ayurveda physician consultation 10.a.m ayurveda treatments 12.30 noon lunch afternoon- /cooking classes/textile loom visit/cultural exposure 6 .00 pm- deeparadhana and gheeta recital 6..30 p.m -meditation 7.15 pm dinner . Harivihar is a green leaf accredited center of excellence for ayurveda treatments and a diamond classified homestead by the Government of Kerala.

Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Slimming, Detox, Healing Ritual, Cultural Experience, Fitness, Yoga - Ashtanga
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Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of medicine which originated in India .It is probably the most holistic system of medicine on the planet. Ayurveda has effective treatments for weight loss which are natural and safe.The treatments use herbs and natural products which are not harmful to your body for achieving the desired effect, The twenty one night weight loss retreat combines the goodness of ayurveda with the spirituality of yoga and meditation .The retreat is a must try for people who want to experience weight loss programmes fist hand in serene surroundings. The retreat will leave an everlasting impression of well being in your mind and if you follow the advise of our consultants ,you would have continued benefits in your daily life.


You are what you eat. This Ayurveda approach to food has been the core of the food philosophy at Harivihar. The cuisine at Harivihar is vegetarian ,with an emphasis on local ,but with global appeal. We try to serve fresh vegetables and fruits sourced out from local farmers and the food is satvic, in tune with the Ayurveda philosophy. The meals are made with much love and devotion and guests feel the personalised attention to their needs. All the meals are had in the dining area with good ventilation opening out to the gardens. Refreshing health drinks complement the light but nourishing meals. The guests who are on weight loss packages have special diets as prescribed by the Ayurveda physicians.


Harivihar Wellness Retreat Gas Station Bilathikulam Rd, near Bilathikkulam, West Nadakkave, Bilathikkulam Kozhikode, Kerala 673006 India

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Dr Manoj Kumar ,B.A.M.S is the chief ayurvedic physician at Harivihar.Trained and well qualified in ayurvedic medicine from the reputed Coimbatore aryavaidya medical college ,Dr Manoj has more than twenty years of experience to his credit. He is well versed in panchakarma and detox treatments and is loved by all our guests . Dr Valsala is the senior consultant of ayurveda at Harivihar .She is very well experienced in ayurveda and marma and is a very good communicator.She conducts weekly lectures on ayurveda cusine.