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Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a form of bodywork or alternative therapy that uses gentle touch to palpate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. By normalizing the environment around the brain and spinal cord and enhancing the body's ability to self-correct, CranioSacral Therapy is able to alleviate a wide variety of dysfunctions, from chronic pain and sports injuries to stroke and neurological impairment.

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Charge your Energy with Craniosacral
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Duration : 1 Days
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The session takes place in a quiet, private setting when we have 90 minutes to restore your energy back and working on your body. We will start with some check up talk then I will put you on a comfortable treatment table fully clothed as you relax on. Me as a practitioner will sit positioned at various points of your head, torso or feet and I will gently support you with the light touch to to release restrictions in the body. CST came from osteopathy and it is a very gentle, light touch approach that releases tension in the central nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax, self correct and free itself of pain and discomfort. It claims to use a gentle touch to manipulate the joints in the cranium or skull, parts of the pelvis, and the spine to treat disease. CST uses a light touch release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which is the fluid around the brain and spinal cord.

Build strong Nervous System with SE Work
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Duration : 1 Days
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Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) was developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD to address the effects of trauma. Levine developed this approach after observing that prey animals, whose lives are routinely threatened in the wild, are able to recover readily by physically releasing the energy they accumulate during stressful events. Humans, on the other hand, often override these natural ways of regulating the nervous system with feelings of shame and pervasive thoughts, judgments, and fears. Somatic Experiencing aims to help people move past the place where they might be “stuck” in processing a traumatic event. The SE practitioner will help the client find places of safety, whether that be a place in the body that is not activated by the trauma, or a physical place to retreat to in one’s mind. Experiencing the sensations related to the traumatic event in a safe way allows a person to fully process the trauma. Clients also achieve heightened awareness of their physical responses to stress,

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Ask Lenka

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Czech republic
Lenka Lorien
Experience: 5+ years

Hello I am Lenka and I am trained as a craniosacral therapist and I am here to give you some amazing experience how to connect deeply with yourself during our session. Having craniosacral session (CS) is one way how to calm down your nervous system from the previous stress and fully gain your energy back I trained in London and now I have been professionally working over 8 years with people of all ages and I love to help them to restore the health and energy in their bodies during the treatments. I am also working with mothers and babies and difficult birth. I also qualified in a thai massage and in deep tissue massage and in somatic experiencing training which will allow me to guide people through a traumatic event in their life. I am very grateful for this opportunity to help people and when we can achieve health and happiness.