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Jan 31: Onsite Meditation - Psychic Healing Meditation And Message Circle

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Is there a current life issue that is troubling you? Would you like to receive confirmation of something you are doubting? Would you like to receive some inspiring guidance? Do you have some pressing questions you would like answers to or would you like some healing? If so, this class is for you! This class is divided into two parts: The First Part: You will be led on an intuitive journey using your third eye as a guide and your imagination to explore what lies beyond this physical realm. What can you see, hear, understand, if you open and expand your awareness beyond the physical into divine consciousness? You will learn how to open (and listen) to your own intuitive intelligence (your Higher Self), you will learn how to hold your space, set energetic boundaries, ground yourself, and interpret the information that lies beyond. The Second Part: Everyone will receive a message! I will channel an individual message to each person. The messages that come through will give you a glimpse into an aspect of your life that you are needing to become more aware of, what your Soul wants you to know at the moment, information & wisdom for your highest good and for your highest healing. We close the circle with prayer and gratitude.

Psychic Healing Meditation
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Bianca Devananda
Experience: 5+ years

Psychic Soul Reader Bianca Devananda is a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Transformational Life Coach empowering individuals to discover and live from their truth. Bianca believes that everyone has the right to feel good and be happy. Everyone has the right to feel peace within and peace with whatever is occurring in one’s life. And one can be freed of their suffering and inner afflictions – no matter what.