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Mar 18: Past Life Healing Online/Onsite Meditation

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Your past lives hold the key to many unexplained stories and situations in your current life. Some of the mindset patterns, fears, traumas, and repetitive issues that seem to not go away can be the result of past life influences. This meditation is there to help you start a clean slate. You will be cleared from cords, contracts, vows, and commitments you may have made that no longer serve you and are ready to be healed. You might even see through your mind’s eye the past life experience that is holding you back.

Past Life Healing
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Maria Leonard
Experience: Less than a year

Maria Leonard is a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Speaker & Founder of Life Scripting . She combines the art of Breathwork, Energy work, Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness in her sessions, workshops, and training. She believes that we all have the power and ability to transform our lives when the right tools and the right timing is met. Her motto in life is “change is the truth”.