Recovery Treatments in Dubai

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Recovery Treatments Cryotherapy Treatment Cryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures to fight inflammation, various types of pain, skin conditions, insomnia. It is also considered one of the most effective ways to improve blood circulation and increase collagen production! Cryotherapy can also help you accelerate weight loss by boosting metabolism and speeding up burning of calories!" Infrared Sauna Treatment "Sit back in our infrared sauna and sweat out the toxins. Remove impurities from your cells, detoxify, lose weight, improve appearance of skin, get rid of cellulite and improve your general health and wellbeing." Hydro Massage Treatment Hydro massage therapy is purported to help alleviate muscle and soft tissue injuries caused by lower back pain, arthritis, chronic and acute pain, neck injuries, TMJD, sports injuries, pregnancy discomforts, Crohn’s disease, insomnia, spondylolysis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, and stress management, as well as many other diseases and ailments. We now have the most talked about Cryotherapy and an Infrared Sauna accessible for both men and women. Our premium fitness and wellness centre is just steps away from helping you achieve your goals.

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