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GET OUT OF THE CLASSROOM Bring the whole tribe, with supervising adults for free. We offer a great outdoor educational experience that your students will never forget. Our unique adventure builds confidence in the great outdoors. Guaranteed fun for everyone! SELF-DISCOVERY, EXPLORATION, THRILL Your students will navigate through obstacles and glide through zip lines, between trees and over amazing landscape. Our challenges aim to provide psychological, physical and behavioural benefits, and develop respect for Nature. ACTIVE IN NATURE Years of research show that exposure to Nature improves children’s cognitive development, reasoning, and observational skills. Social interaction is stimulated, as well as independence, autonomy, and problem solving skills. The knowledge and feeling of a totally secure environment, encourages students not only to participate but to take risks, and test the limits of their own abilities. You will later witness the results of this self-discovery experience in the classroom!

Outdoor Experiences
Circuit,Bridges and Ziplines,Nature Trail,Kids Playground
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All issued tickets are not refundable. However, if the ticket is cancelled 24 hours before the reservation, the Counter Ticket Staff at the Park could reschedule the reservation.

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