Private Water Flow Therapy

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Water Flow Therapy is an immersive experience in warm water mostly in a swimming pool or a calm water body. It is based on Water Shiatsu or WATSU; a mind-body experience that takes the receiver into a deep inner experience while allowing the body a range of movements that are impossible on land. The sheer weightless of being in water combined with the constant support of the giver or facilitator takes away the normal stressors on muscle and joints while liberating the mind from the connection to those stressors. The facilitator holds space for the receiver by holding, supporting and floating them while in water for the entire session so it is not necessary for one to know how to swim. This experience is all about letting go and can be quite a unique process for the individual each time they experience it. **PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A POOL FOR THIS SERVICE**

Water Flow Therapy
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Master NLP Practitioner. Empowerment Coach. Energy Worker. Chikky has always been intrigued by the workings of the Universe and found people fascinating to observe, even as a child. It is perhaps these things and a keen sense to listen that naturally drew people to her. However, her journey into the world of alternative wellness and healing did not happen until she found herself being lost and at crossroads in her late 30s. This sparked a need in her to find a non-medical and relatively fast way to ‘fix’ herself. And this search lead her to a Coach. There began her journey in building herself on her terms which lead to her not only transforming herself and feeling like a new person, but also leaving her with the understanding that this was an incredible tool to empower anyone to reach newer heights within themselves and to unlock hidden potential. It was time to make a difference. It wasn’t too long until her innate curiosity of all forms of energy lead her to seek out modalities that work with the energetic vibrations that each of us have. The reality is after all that all matter is energy. And science certainly points to this reality. Thus, began her energy work using energies such as sound, water and touch through sound healing, water flow therapy and energy massage. This brings a more holistic approach to the empowerment and healing work that she does. Chikky is a Coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP trained under Richard Bandler himself – the cofounder of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is a Hypnotherapist and Access Bars Facilitator with Access Consciousness. She has also trained under a 3rd generation Tibetan Singing bowl healer in Nepal. And has done her training in WATSU – Water Shiatsu therapy in Auroville. And most importantly, she brings her own sensitivity which comes from her own life experiences as well as the experience with clients that she has worked with since 2012.