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 Tired of your everyday routine and in dire need of a perfect affordable wellness getaway to take your mind off of things? We are here to help you! Retreatmi is an innovative platform where we accommodate your retreat and dream holiday plans and turn them into a reality. We’ve gathered options for amazing and exclusive deals and offers for locations, activities and services to make it more convenient for people who are seeking for that enjoyable time.  Retreatmi is your new healthy adventure hub. Founded by Stacey Elizabeth Sharp, a qualified STOTT Pilates teacher and Nutritionist, who is passionate in making wellness travel reachable even for general travelers. Retreatmi helps you with customizing your wellness holiday down to every detail of your choice. We provide various offers to destinations around the world. Whether you’re a devoted Yogi looking for a place to meditate or you’re more on the adventurous side, we’ve got you covered! Our site includes the most user-friendly environment to make sure everyone gets to pick and choose the travel that fits them. We let you search, select and book activities or services you want in places you want to go to at an affordable cost. It is important for us that we make sure everything matches your plans, so we have available selections for budget, accommodation, food, transportation and activities. We have diverse preferences like a 7-day New Zealand Southern Alps: Hike and Bike retreat package; Muay Thai Private Training classes in Thailand or a relaxing package trip to the beautiful island of Maldives. At Retreatmi, we believe in the importance of traveling and taking a time out to recharge which is why we take into careful consideration all things that can affect your plans. Traveling has proven to heal our mind and soul and relieve us from stress and anxiety. It also allows us to learn lessons along the way. Retreatmi aims to let you experience a remarkable and affordable wellness travel which you can take some of your best memories from.  Relax, recharge and realign your life. Check out our wide array of affordable wellness retreats today!

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Celebrate a Different Kind of Christmas this Year with a RetreatMi Wel..

  RetreatMi's nature-centric Christmas getaways to celebrate the holidays this year.  Although this year may have put a damper on festivities, there are plenty of options for those seeking an alternative plan to spend the holidays. At, your healthy adventure hub, we are serving up unique Christmas holiday packages, we have some exciting ideas for this year’s getaways. Jungle Bells: Green Christmas – Murchison Park, Uganda 16 – 20 December – Starting from AED 4,462 per person/GBP912Experience a green Christmas this year in the jungles of Uganda. From December 16th to 20th, dive headfirst into the green ambience of the majestic Murchison Park, and immerse yourself in nature, tumbling waterfalls and wildlife. Expect sightings of elephants, buffalos, antelope and an atlas of birds. For those seeking a colourful Christmas, this one is for you. Inner Wisdom & Soul Transformation Retreat – Dunagiri, India17 – 27 December, starting from AED 3,907 per person/GBP799Perfect to eliminate negative energy, this retreat is complete with trekking in the wilderness, sound meditation, power yoga and chakra rituals. The Soul Transformation retreat is set in a peaceful village nearly 400kms from Delhi, which will give attendees a chance to introspect and observe nature while working on their inner selves. End the year on a positive, self-loving note with this blissful getaway. The Big Blue: Christmas on the Lagoon – Maldives24 – 28 December – AED 2,608 per person/GBP533Dreaming of a blue Christmas? Dream no longer. Experience white sandy beaches and the bluest of lagoons this Christmas on the islands of Maldives. For five relaxing days, you can sing carols on a boat, swim with the marine life, and enjoy relaxing on the pristine beaches. If sun, sand and the sea are your idea of bliss, Maldives will be your dream delight. is a unique online platform dedicated to health and wellness holidays, staycays, daycays, activities and a variety of added services including massage and beauty treatments, culinary experiences, sport, fitness and plenty more. Its goal is to be the definitive online platform and healthy adventure hub that makes planning wellness holidays and wellness retreats hassle-free and very soon it will offer the world’s first custom-made retreat builder too. has something for every budget and requirement, including family and pet friendly options, with new health and wellness breaks and activities being listed every day. Feel happy and healthy, your way. For more information follow @Retreatmi or visit www.retreatmi.comBe sure to check out travel restrictions with our friends over at Sherpa, their fabulous new restrictions tool makes it easy to find out where you can currently travel and stay up to date.CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE CAN YOU TRAVEL? 

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New And Different: Martial Arts And Retreats In Dubai and beyond!

There are many forms of martial arts, Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo or Karate but it is widely acknowledged through all forms that there are incredible benefits mentally as well as physically.   Muay Thai “The science of eight limbs,” is a form of kickboxing sport that originated from Thailand. This intense type of contact or combat sport has been soaring in popularity in recent years because of its promising benefits not only in physical aspects but in mental acuity as well. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports and martial arts from around the world. Here are some physical and mindful benefits of martial arts.Physical BenefitsPeople who have spent significant time doing Muay Thai or MMA swear by the wonderful weight loss and body-sculpting effects. This comes as no surprise given the fact that both of these forms of martial arts are intense full-body workouts that involve a lot of important muscle groups.Training uses a variety of physical routines and activities, such as running, jumping rope, kickboxing and shadowboxing. Providing both aerobic and anaerobic workouts, dedicating 60 to 90 minutes of training can give you 1,000 to 1,200 calories burned in one session. This explains why this is a perfect way to get rid of stubborn fat and tone your muscles while improving flexibility and having a stronger core.Self DisciplineAttending martial arts classes and training regularly is a brilliant way to improve your self-discipline. As you learn new skills and techniques and see yourself making progress in your fitness goals, you will be inspired and motivated to stick to your training schedule and practice. Slowly but surely, you will eventually develop healthy habits and improve your self-discipline both in the gym and your daily life.Unleash your inner warriorMartial arts training is highly commended when it comes to practical applications to real-life aggressive encounters. Aside from the fact that martial arts are an excellent way to learn self-defence, it also teaches you how to stay calm, think strategically and take courageous steps. Armed with your new fighting techniques, Muay Thai also gives you the confidence to carry yourself in any given situation.Muay Thai and MMA can increase your stamina and improve your cardiovascular healthTruth be told, these forms of martial art are not for the faint-hearted. It will let you go through rounds of rigorous training that will absolutely test your strength and stamina. You will see Muay Thai fighters going on four to five rounds of training without looking tired, thanks to the cardiovascular training from this combat sport.Stress reliefAfter having a long day, letting all the stress out in a workout that lets you throw punches and leg kicks efficiently channels everything negative out of you and takes you on an endorphin high, otherwise known as the happy hormone, leaving you feeling refreshed after training.Check out some of our fabulous Martial Arts hosts here on in Dubai and beyond!Dubai:Private MMA Instruction DubaiRegister your interest in our UAE weekend MMA CampThailand:Muay Thai Camp Koh SamuiMuay Thai Private Training Koh Samui

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