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A Beach Wellness Retreat: Good for the Body, Mind, and Soul

There’s more to the beach than what meets the eye, and it’s more beneficial than just enjoying the  natural beauty and fluffy, white sand. It turns out it’s a good place to retreat and good for your whole being – body, soul, an read more

Latest Wellness Retreat Trends Include Farm to Table Dining

The latest trends in tourism includes wellness retreats. More and more people are turning to detoxing physically and mentally and using wellness vacations and retreats to help. Dubai and other locations throughout the Middle East are quickly bec read more

Heal a broken heart in Bali

It was an interesting week this week seeing our google analytics (yes I’ve become one of those AI obsessive’s) and more so seeing what it was that people searched for when they stumbled their way on to my little platform. My heart sank a whe read more