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5 Signs You Need a Digital Detox

People today spend more time than ever in front of screens, particularly smartphones. Just swiping a screen gives you access to social media, dating sites, bank transactions, and work emails. Without access to a phone, it’s easy to feel like you are disconnected from everyone around you and the rest of the world. Recent studies indicate that our relationship with technology, specifically with smartphones, is affecting the world in ways you may not realize. Here are a few of the astounding stats:·       Over 60% of people in the study felt that real lives and digital lives are unbalanced.·       Half of most couples use their smartphones to ignore one another.·       65% of participants feel like it’s okay to check their phones during mealtime.·       Almost half admit using phones in public to avoid interacting with others.·       About 60% would like to return to a time before social media.·       90% prefer one real friend over 100 online relationships.If that’s not enough to explain why you need to improve your mental health with a digital detox, studies have shown that social media increases anxiety. It can make us feel “less than” and more disconnected than connected. Are you wondering if a digital detox is right for you? Signs It Is Time for a Digital DetoxMany wellness retreats feature digital detox as part of their offerings. You can get away from computers, smartphones, tablets, and electronic devices in general. Disconnecting from your smartphone is a big choice, but there are a lot of physical and mental health benefits to be had from a digital detox retreat. Here are six signs that you need to detox.Sign 1: Blurred Vision. One of the first signs that you are addicted to your phone or other digital devices is blurred vision. This is because of the excessive squinting you do while navigating the small screen. Your eyes become drier from staring at the screen because you blink less. The blue light devices emit is also problematic. It penetrates the eyes more deeply than regular light causing blurred vision and other eyesight problems.Sign 2: You Have Panic Attacks. If you forget your smartphone at home or lose it on the run and it causes you to have a panic attack, then you need a detox. While addictions to phones are commonly turned into jokes, it’s not really a joking matter.Sign 3: You Work During Your Free Time. If you find yourself working during free time and off the clock, you may have a digital addiction. While you are scrolling social media and texting, it’s too easy to keep a watch on your work emails.Sign 4: Frequent Headaches and Memory Loss. Staring at blue screens too much can cause you to have a lot of headaches. The worse part, it is can also lead to cognitive impairment. Doctors actually have a name for short-term memory loss – digital dementia.Sign 5: Loss of Awareness. Especially if you live in the city, you must be aware of traffic, other people, buildings, and other types of obstacles. One symptom of digital addiction is the loss of being vitally aware. People often get lost in texting and forget about their surroundings. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also be deadly. Wellness Retreats Offer Digital DetoxIf you are looking to reset your whole being including your physical and mental health, a wellness retreat may be your answer. A healthy vacation can help you detox, recharge, de-stress, break unhealthy habits, and unplug – literally. Check out the healthy retreats from RetreatMi. You’ll find many different styles of retreats to choose from. Many of them include the option of doing a digital detox. Take a look at let us know if we can help match you to your perfect wellness retreat.  

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What to Expect on Your First Yoga Retreat

So, you’ve decided it’s time for you to unwind at a yoga retreat. You chose your favorite destination, purchased the healthy retreat package that had all the features you wanted, and are packed and ready to go. It’s natural to still feell a little bit apprehensive about going to your first ever yoga retreat. If you’ve never been, you don’t have an idea what it’s really like, and you want to know what to expect. That’s just being realistic right? Knowing what to expect will help you prepare to get the most out of your retreat. Yoga Retreat ExpectationsA yoga retreat is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. It’s also a great way to invest in yourself. You’ll get to experience a new location, the beauty of nature, and you will likely be pushed out of your comfort zone. Your time will be spent with people you don’t know, but in some ways are similar to you and wanting to break away from their daily grind too. Go with an open mind and embrace the challenges and changes. Here are some of the things you can expect to experience at your first yoga retreat.Positive TransformationsPrograms at yoga retreats revolve around breathing techniques, meditation, and the wisdom of yoga postures. They will provide great benefits for your mind, body, and soul. The different classes will help you get past your limitations and bring about positive transformations.A Healthy LifestyleYou may or may not choose to detox while you are on your yoga retreat. Either way, you will have the perfect chance to learn more about yoga and the ancient science behind it. Ayurveda and healthy eating may be introduced to you for the first time. You will be inspired and encouraged to be more aware of your choices. As you learn about and adapt to the yogic lifestyle, it will foster mindful actions and a purposeful life. You will learn what it is like to step out of your comfort zone and make exciting discoveries that can transform your health.Enjoy Scenic BeautyMost yoga retreats involve traveling to a place where natural beauty abounds. Whether you choose sandy beaches or towering mountains, you can relax your mind, body, and soul by practicing meditation surrounded by nature. You will want to connect closely with nature. Expect to feel rejuvenated, happy, and healthy.Taste New FoodsPlease do not expect bland food choices at your yoga retreat. Most quality yoga retreats offer vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary choices that are healthy for the body and taste superb. Meals are designed to nurture the body and energize the mind. Mealtime is communal at most yoga retreats where you can enjoy meeting other like-minded individuals and enjoy healthy, delicious foods.Digital DetoxYou will have the opportunity to detox digitally. This can be a relief for your mind and body as you may feel addicted to smartphones and gadgets. You won’t be bored, and you may not miss technology as much as you think since you’ll be engaging in soul-satisfying activities during your stay. Yoga retreats offer a great time to disconnect from the artificial and connect to the real world.Meet Other Wonderfully Amazing PeopleNot only will you be introduced to enlightening meditation and yoga practices, but you will also have the opportunity to form good connections with others. It’s like entering a whole new community. You’ll be surrounded by and engaged with others who are interested in exploring the practice of yoga to better their lives. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with people from around the world of various backgrounds and cultures. It’s a very enriching experience.Relax and RejuvenateMost retreat packages include different classes and activities like yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and meditation. You can reap the benefits of Ayurveda’s healing touch, wholesome yogic food, pranayama, and meditation. You will also have plenty of free time to relax or do other activities you find rejuvenating.Long-Lasting Rewarding ExperienceA yoga retreat isn’t like a traditional vacation where you come home feeling like you need to detox or get away again. You will learn skills, gain knowledge, and develop tools to help you continue with a healthy yogic lifestyle at home. The yoga retreat is your pathway to long-term holistic health and wellness. Book Your Yoga Retreat Today!If you haven’t booked your yoga retreat yet, or you are ready for your next one, check out the many options at RetreatMi. We offer a wide variety of yoga retreats including Kundalini and meditation, Ayurveda treatments, and many others at beautiful locations around the world. Contact us today and let us help you book your next healthy adventure!

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6 Good Reasons for Gifting Experience Gifts Instead of Stuff

There are plenty of gift-giving opportunities throughout the year not counting the traditional holiday season. Everyone has a birthday, right? But there’s also Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries and numerous other occasions gifts are expected. What if this year you gifted experiences instead of stuff? Experience gifts are thoughtful, personal, and are beyond comparison to traditional gifts. Here are eight great reasons you should surprise your favorite people with experience gifts this year.Reason 1: Experiences Do Not Go Out of StyleSocks, ties, shirts, and other clothing, no matter how popular they are right now, will go out of style. Even technology goes out of style. It’s advancing so rapidly that by the time you buy a new gadget or smartphone, there’s a newer version available. An unforgettable experience will never go out of style. Reason 2: Emotional Connections to Experience GiftsPsychologists study how the brain works and what makes us tick. From this field, we get the term hedonic adaptation.This idea suggests that even though a tangible gift initially makes us feel happy, over time that feeling fades as the object is integrated into our daily lives. No matter how excited you are about getting something new, happiness decreases as it becomes routine. This is why experience gifts stand out. An experience will stick in our minds longer than a present, and memories of the experience and the positive emotions they elicit improve over time.Reason 3: Memories Last When Things Don’tMaterial gifts are brief. Watches stop working, seams rip out of clothes, and toys eventually break or are outgrown. Memories do not. Experience gifts become like snapshots in time especially if they are spent with those you care about the most. This makes them much more valuable than anything that can be wrapped up in a box. Reason 4: Traditional Presents Can’t Be SharedGifting objects are not designed to be shared generally. Experience gifts, on the other hand, are supposed to be shared. Give your friend or relative a culinary retreat or take them on an adventure retreat they will remember for the rest of their lives!Reason 5: Experience Gifts are Way More FunGiving an experience will beat giving socks or ties every time. Give the nature lover 10 days to explore the Galapagosor an 8-day boating and sailing adventure they will never forget. Match your loved one’s experience gift to the things you know they love to do like cycling, hiking, kayaking, yoga, or meditation.Reason 6: No One Needs More StuffMaybe you have heard of the tidying guru Marie Kondo. She came on the scene a few years ago with “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s taken the world by storm. People around the globe have begun decluttering their homes one coffee cup or sweater at a time. Create more memories and less clutter by gifting experiences. They don’t get put on a shelf or forgotten in the top of a closet.Creative Ways to Wrap Experience GiftsExperience gifts are a great alternative to giving more “stuff.” But “stuff” can be tucked into a gift bag or decorative box. How are you supposed to wrap an experience gift? It should be as much fun to open as a traditional gift, right? Here are some creative ways to wrap an experience gift.·       Purchase the tickets for the experience and wrap them like a traditional gift or put them in a fancy gift bag. ·       Find a picture or a logo representing what you are gifting and print it out. ·       Buy a small item that represents the experience gift and wrap it up. Wrap a bottle of nail polish to represent a spa retreat. Or wrap a plastic toy animal for a wildlife adventure.·       Give them something they will need to use the experience gift. A new suitcase or outfit for travel for example.Need More Ideas? At Retreatmi, we have an adventure retreat to match anyone’s idea of fun. Send your loved one on a cycling tour, sailing, kayaking, or hiking adventure. We also have a number of yoga and meditation retreats designed around relaxation and recentering. You will find we have something for everyone!

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