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Activities To Do Around Snowdonia - Perfect for Adventure Seekers

There are plenty of places to explore and things to do in North Wales, but today we’re particularly looking at Snowdonia. Snowdonia is one of the most visited areas in North Wales. This place is a great catch whether you’re looking for some outdoor and wellness activities or you just want to relax and recharge. I bet its impressive mountain range, breathtaking landscapes, scenic waterfalls and beaches are very hard to resist.Snowdonia is not known as the outdoor adventure capital of North Wales for nothing. If you are planning for some adventures, we’ve listed down some of the best things to do in Snowdonia to get that adrenaline rush pumping.Try the ultimate 36-hour non-stop adrenaline experience.Who would have thought we can squeeze the best whirlwind adrenaline tour of North Wales in just 36 hours?This is perfect for thrill-seeking couples, or a group of friends or family with 2-4 members. Guaranteed hassle-free activities, as we already planned everything for you! Need not to worry about your meals, refreshments, guides and transport. Get ready to try epic ziplining and coasteering, as well as extreme river sports and limestone cliffs. Plus, experience a truly unique night of hiking and camping.Take an Autumn Trail Running Camp.Traveling this season and looking for some fitness and wellness activity?The Autumn Trail Running Camp is the best activity for you to maintain your fitness and to improve your form. You’ll be guided by an expert coach to work on your strength, flexibility and techniques. You’ll not only get even stronger from this camp, you’ll also get to relax on a beautiful glamping site with fresh, delicious and healthy meals prepared for you.Experience an epic hiking adventure.Ready to reach the highest and toughest peak in Snowdonia National Park?The 14 Peaks is perfect for active hikers, solo travellers, couples or friends who are up for an epic hiking challenge. This adventure will be accompanied by professional, local mountaineering guides to ensure safety while experiencing the best mountain hiking and scrambling in North Wales.Plan your upcoming vacation to North Wales with Retreatmi! Create a custom wellness holiday perfect for your interests and taste. Sign up today and be the first to know the latest wellness activities and adventures that we have for you.

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5 Outdoor Activities You Should Try at The Lake District

The Lake District is located at the heart of Cumbria, England. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, famous for its picturesque lakes, forests and mountains.  If you want to travel and visit stunning scenery and nature in United Kingdom, this is the perfect place for you. ‘The Lakes’ offers panoramic roads and trails for sightseeing and tranquil lakes that extend for miles. Whether you’re looking for some amazing adventures or you just want to spend more time with your family, Lake District is the perfect location to explore and enjoy. There are various activities and things to do in the Lake District which we offer under our packages. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Lake District, we’ve made it easier for you and listed down the best outdoor activities you can try on your own, with your friends or with the whole family. Get on a bike and try Lake District cycling routes.Experience scenic views while on cycling routes and trails!  They have a wide range of country lanes, permitted cycleways and bridleways for all ages and levels.   The Lake District is a popular choice for road cyclists and mountain bikers. They offer flat cycle paths and long-distance trails, as well as challenging mountain bike routes and off-road lakeside trails for those with more cycling experience.  They also cater to family-friendly cycling routes.  Your kids would love a little adventure while discovering fantastic views along the way.  Don’t worry about not having or bringing your own bikes, there are plenty of spots where you can rent a bike or even electronic bikes.  Want to head out on an organised cycling retreat? Check out our Lake District Cycling Retreat on Join one fully guided walking and hiking trail.You can’t visit the Lake District and not try their hiking trails.  Burn off some of the calories you got from your vacation!  The Lake District is one of Britain’s most favorite hiking destinations.  From gentle rambles to high fell summit, you can join a guided walk or hike trails.  They offer various walks and climbs perfect for every ability level.  You can also try some hiking retreat to explore valleys and scenic villages while on a walking trail.  Be prepared to be greeted by breathtaking views once you reach the summit.   Try some water sports like kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding.Discover Lake District’s beautiful rivers and stunning coastline while on a kayak, canoe or row boat. They have canoes and kayaks for all shapes and sizes.  You can even learn the basics of balance and paddling while on a trip. You may also pre-book a boat and go on a mini adventure with friends or family.   Explore the lake and enjoy wildlife and scenery while having fun sailing or paddle boarding!  Experience the thrill and excitement of canyoning.England is known for having huge canyons and gorges.  If you are looking for some adrenaline-fuelled activity, then canyoning is definitely for you!  Canyoning is abseiling down steep waterfalls, sliding off rocks and jumping into deep pools.  Get ready to take some climbing and obstacles along the way. This outdoor experience involves a lot of water and a lot of fun! This is a fun-filled activity that might take you half-day to finish.  Canyoning can also be a great activity paired with rock climbing or kayaking.  Enjoy big, open skies and stargazing. Admire the heavens above while exploring the beauty of the local places in Cumbria.  If you are living in the urban area, I bet you’ll love the dazzling stars under the big, open skies of Lake District.  This place has minimal light pollution that gives you clearer and darker skies to have the best opportunity for stargazing.  You can also enjoy some astronomical events that take place in Lake District like major constellations, magical shooting stars, and enchanting, shimmering nebulas.  Be sure to stay tuned for all the exciting activities and retreats that we have here for you.  Sign up today and plan your Lake District trip with Retreatmi! [Photo by Danny Lau on Unsplash]

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Unplug and Escape: Digital Detox and Low-Pollution Retreats in UK

We often all think we need to disappear to the mountains of Outer Mongolia in order to un-plug and get away from it all, when in reality, here in the UK we have some amazing pollution-free areas, digital detox retreats and yes, Even areas of no phone signal, right on our door steps!  From the Highlands of Scotland to the Wild Atlantic Coast in Ireland/ Northern Ireland or Anglesey just off the coast of Wales. We really do take for granted these world renowned locations that are right here under our noses all with an air pollution rating under 10!! So if we want to thank the dreaded ‘C’ word for if anything, its maybe that it now gives us the beautiful opportunity to go and explore our own lands and really appreciate what we have right here at home. There are some gorgeous quaint little retreats here in the UK, and we at Retreatmi have some exciting experiences coming on board for you all to try! Our 4 day Scotland Retreat in Glencoe, with an air pollution rating of just 2! Will allow you to enjoy cycling through the beautiful Scottish countryside, hiking up a Munroe (Scottish for mountain) and even tasting some of the local delicacies! All hosted by your local guide.I even have some delightful ideas for you to patch on to the start or end of your trip whilst in Scotland.For the budget conscious, The Red Squirrel Campsite is an all time favourite of mine in Glencoe and just a short drive from the UK’s largest mountain Ben Nevis. It has the most beautiful surroundings being in the middle of three large Munroe’s, a natural spring that runs through the centre, where the owners have dug out an amazing pool for you to take a dip in the refreshing waters after your heavy day of hiking or cycling. Of course due to the surrounding Munroe’s you’d better make sure you have your maps downloaded for your active routes, because phone signal is not likely to be available here……. That’s right sit back, listen the sounds of the birds and the river and enjoy!For those with children or even just for the child within us, you can visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct where the infamous Harry Potter steam train, aka The Jacobite, goes across the viaduct just like the scene in the movie. Then why not take a trip over to the beautiful Isle of Skye and go hunt for fairies in the fairy pools (as featured in our blog photo).For the active adults, visit Knoydart and the UK’s most remote pub “The Old Forge”! All still entirely off grid you can reach Knoydart through a hike over the Munroe’s or via the boat from Mallaig.Another option if you have a little more to spare is to hire a boat and head from Fort William up to Inverness along the Caledonian Canal. A completely unique experience sailing through the mountains and Loch’s of Scotland…….. Just be sure to watch out for Nessy! Make stops along the way, try the local delicacies, take awesome hikes or even just relax and sail. Next on my list of recommendations for those who enjoy getting out on their bikes is our 4 Day Lake District Retreat,  with an air pollution rating of just 7 not only can you enjoy some beautiful views and see the inspiration behind many of the UK’s inspired poets and writers, you can take in some of the freshest air England has to offer. Again some little patch on’s…….. being the avid camper I am, which I’m sure you can tell by now I highly recommend the BaysBrown Farm campsite, again between peaks of the lake district this gorgeous campsite is right on the Langsdale estate, right next to the quaint and beautiful village of Ambleside and you can start the Scarfell Pike (England’s highest mountain) climb right from the campsite!Again for those who prefer to climb into a big luxurious bath tub and bask in front of a log fire at the end of their tough hiking day, I can’t recommend The Brimstone at Langdale enough. Their rooms are to die for! From rooms with two baths or split level mezzanine rooms, all come complete with log burner, plush woollen blankets to relax and on your balcony where you can sit and enjoy your super breakfast served to your room. If you’re having a treat for special occasion, love the outdoors but want to get away from it all in luxury……. This is YOUR spot!....... again phone signal little or none…….but you will have the option of Wi-Fi, should you be a diehard digi!Again for the child in and out, you can visit the House of Betrix Potter and see the real gardens featured in the illustrations of her books, visit the spots where Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck used to hang out and all that inspired their adventures. To burn off some steam visit and really immerse in nature go visit Treetop Trek & Nets and well……hangout. We are excited to be featuring some amazing active experiences throughout our own lands and even across Europe! So be sure to sign up and stay informed for when our UK retreats go live soon!

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